Help employees reconnect during and after the pandemic.

Do your employees need help processing their varied pandemic experiences as they re-enter company culture

Grounded in the healing power of expressive writing, Bold Voice Collaborative develops customizable wellness programs for corporations and nonprofits. Our marquee “Voice the Pandemic” restorative workshop led by award-winning instructors is an innovative form of employee support.

Watch for our forthcoming article on how writing helps us process the pandemic, appearing in:

Participants from our public Voice the Pandemic workshops have gone on to work with our coaches, publishing their stories in prominent media venues:

Our Standard Write-for-Wellness Programs Include:

Interactive live 3-hour workshop

Mini-lessons on storytelling

Writing time, sparked by in-class writing prompts and journaling exercises

 Guided breakout group discussions, allowing for facilitated community-based processing

Tools and inspiration for individuals to continue the practice of expressive writing for emotional relief

Our Premium Write-for-Wellness Programs Go Beyond:

A branded learning experience, visually customized for your company
A pre-workshop strategy session to design tailored writing prompts and exercises, determine program length, and discuss other customizations

Implementation Lab ("Write In") following the workshop, allowing employees to complete their pieces together, supported by a BVC instructor

Help developing a presentation during which participants can share their work with others in the company (e.g. open mic storytelling event, or a 10-minute share during a monthly company meeting)

Expressive Writing Is Proven to Boost Emotional Well Being

  • U.S. businesses lose 200 million+ work days annually to depression, costing employers up to $44 billion.*
  • 200+ studies show expressive writing improves physical and emotional health, including sleep and performance.*
  • Writing intervention increases resilience and decreases depressive symptoms, perceived stress, and rumination.*
  • Translating emotional experience into words changes its effect on the brain.* 

About Bold Voice Collaborative

Company Data: Bold Voice Collaborative is an initiative of Girl Meets Voice, Inc. (GMV), a women-owned creative consultancy founded by author and speaker Dr. Deborah Siegel-Acevedo. GMV has developed customized community writing programs for companies and organizations including:

• Microsoft Inc.
 Association of International Certified Public Accountants D&I
 University of Chicago
• Trustmark Solutions
• Women's Business Development Center 

Achievements: Since Bold Voice Collaborative's founding in November 2020, over 200 students have taken part in Voice the Pandemic, resulting in several publications including pieces in The New York Times and Slate and myriad submissions to archives.

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Voices from Our Workshops 

"Thank you so much for this opportunity to really stop and absorb all we are going through right now. For today and for the future, writing about the pandemic will be invaluable, impactful, and healing."

-Juliet Bond, LCSW 
Author & Director of Development, Piven Theatre Workshop


"I was really impressed. It's obvious that the course creators put a lot of thought into developing the prompts, exercises, teachings, and course structure. They packed a lot into a short class. My expectations were exceeded."

-Jill Schacter
Marketing Communications Coordinator, Evanston Public Library

“Thank YOU for this much needed oasis from the regular program that is insane! I am so grateful for you sharing your knowledge and gifts with us. What you are doing is so important and I am grateful to be a part of it.”

-Rina Campbell
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Specialist at Campbell Consulting

In May 2021, participants came together to read stories sparked by our workshop at a livestreamed storytelling event produced by Bold Voice Collaborative: