A Bold Voice Collaborative Service

Are you new to public speaking and need guidance, confidence, permission to be bold and inspiring? or...

Are you a business professional who has given a speech before, but now need to up your game? or...

Are you giving a TEDx Talk and need assistance all the way through to delivery and performance? or...

Are you preparing for a LiveLit event either for the first time or as a seasoned performer and need production ideas, direction, or an outside eye?

Whether this is a first talk or telling in a new genre, or a new opportunity for visibility on a broader stage or through Zoom*, you’ll receive not just tips and support from our Performance Coach Shawna Franks, but permission to be big, bold, and brave.  Shawna will guide you through the process of giving your most authentic, inspiring, and powerful talk or performance of your life. Drawing on her combined expertise from the realms of speaking, coaching, improv, and professional acting, Shawna brings her extensive experience and technical skills to support effective narrative, powerful truth-telling, and authentic connection.

 *Zoom is here to stay. Shawna can also offer advice on your delivery space (background environment, lighting, where to look, where to put notes) before a performance or important meeting.

Shawna Franks is Artistic Director of Bold Voice Collaborative, an award-winning professional actor, and the Managing Director of Facility Theater as well as a public speaking and acting coach. Her method is rooted in an organic process, drawing from an alchemy of techniques gleaned during her many years of acting and vocal coaching for the theatre. Shawna has coached speakers at TEDx events over the past six years. Shawna’s acting credentials include the leading role in Grand Concourse at Steppenwolf Theatre. A graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago, where she began her acting career, Shawna originated the role of Dottie in Killer Joe by Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Tracy Letts and has appeared on London’s West End and in various other productions in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Los Angeles and New York City. Shawna is the founding Artistic Director of Space 55 Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, where she was named Phoenix New Times Top 100 Creatives List (Top 4), as well as winning Best Actress, and nominated for The Governor’s Arts Award.

Deborah Siegel-Acevedo

Founder, BVC & TEDx Speaker

Before any important speaking engagement, I always touch base with Shawna. Her coaching has made me a better and more confident speaker over the years and I am forever grateful.

David Wellman

Director, Grace School of Applied Diplomacy & TEDx Speaker

Shawna Franks' sharing of her wisdom and experience with me as I prepared to give a TEDx talk was invaluable to my process. The notion of both memorizing and delivering such a significant amount of text was initially quite intimidating to me. Shawna's advice and presence played not only a key role in my overcoming my trepidation, it also served to show me how to speak in an entirely different voice - in a manner that was more authentic and in a way that I could be present in the moment. 

In my religion, the prophet always says if you do a job, do it to the best level that you could. You guys live with the same message, and I love that. Thank you.

Meredith Ferrill 

I have maybe the world’s worst case of stage fright, and Shawna convinced me that this was my story, and I just had to get out there because this is my experience. Being able to own that? Incredibly helpful.

Dorothy Griggs 

TEDx is done, and I often think back on it as one of the highlights of my career....I showed up, revealed my heart, and left it all on the stage. It was a momentous moment and in great part due to you issuing me the challenge to be brave.


  • Bold Voice Boost
  • $225 USD

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  • One 60-min coaching session (via Zoom)
  • Guidance toward developing ease and confidence in public speaking
  • One 30-min consult on Zoom set-up (lighting, wardrobe, environment, etc.)
  • Speaker Development Package
  • $375 USD

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  • Three 60-min coaching session (via Zoom)
  • Guidance toward developing ease and confidence in public speaking
  • Three 15-min consults on Zoom set-up (lighting, wardrobe, environment)
  • TEDx-Style Speaker Development Package
  • $1000 USD

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  • 5 60-minute (virtual) coaching sessions
  • Guidance on finding your idea worth spreading
  • Guidance toward developing ease and confidence in public speaking
  • Guidance on developing pitches to selected TEDx events of your choosing