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Interested in sharing your piece from a Live Lit* stage but not sure how to go about it?

*Live Lit = reading, speaking, performing an original story in front of a live audience

Shawna will guide you through a transformational process to read with presence and truthfulness. She'll give you the confidence and skills to wrap your head around an organic Live Lit "performance," guiding you toward the differentiation of your writing voice and your reading voice and helping you connect with your audience in an effective and moving way.

Through a powerful process involving Intention, Emotional Truth, Breath, and Effective Speaking, Shawna guides writers to deliver some of the most confident, powerful, authentic storytelling of their lives.

Shawna Franks

Shawna  is a professional actor as well as a public speaking and performance coach. Her method is rooted in an organic process, drawing from an alchemy of techniques gleaned during her many years of acting and vocal coaching for the theatre. She currently works with TEDx speakers, live lit performers, and both seasoned and first-time keynoters and presenters, helping speakers show up, reveal what’s inside them, and put it all on the stage. Shawna’s acting credentials include the leading role in Grand Concourse at Steppenwolf Theatre--and many more. She is a graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago, where she began her acting career. She has been coaching speakers at TEDxDePaulUniversity for the past five years.

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  • Two 1-hour private Zoom sessions with performance coach Shawna Franks
  • Guidance on identifying and applying to read onstage at a Live Lit event